The Capital A
Yo, I am Amina, a poor photography student, and I run this blog. I am passionate about taking photos, traveling, eating food, and complaining, so expect to see a lot of that on here. Thanks for visiting, I hope you can enjoy my work! Note: I know you don't want to, but before you are stoling this art let me tell you a thing! All of the work I post is mine, so I will kindly ask you to please not post my work else where, edit it, or claim it as your own! Thank you!

Whadda babe!


More Nikita!

Nikita for this semester’s portfolio! So happy with this shot!

Thanks to Charlotte for being a great model!


It’s winter!  


My final project for school: "Brothers; Curly Companions"

A Self Portrait

I Can’t Sleep

The People That I Hold Dear

A tryptic of my brothers and Dad, this is the final completed series of the earlier two photo’s.

More black and white

Self Portrait for black and white!

"God bless,

That it is safe,

Within their darkness”

"Simplistic, they say with a smile."

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